Inflammation (hsCRP)

As Measured by hsCRP

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's response to an injury or infection. High sensitivity C-reactive protein is an acute-phase protein, which is produced by the liver in response to an injury, infection or general inflammation.

Studies suggest that a persistent low level of inflammation plays a major role in atherosclerosis, the narrowing of blood vessels due to build-up of cholesterol and other lipids, often associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

"Processed foods that include added sugars, trans fats, processed meats, excessive alcohol intake, and refined carbs can all cause inflammation."

What is hsCRP?

hsCRP levels reflect the general levels of inflammation in the body. hsCRP levels don't indicate the cause or source of inflammation in the body, they reflect the general level of inflammation present at the time of testing.

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The Effects of Inflammation

The effects of Inflammation vary widely, but can increase your chances of the following conditions:

Inflammatory Diseases
Inflammatory Diseases
Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
Neurodegenerative Disease
Neurodegenerative Disease
Autoimmune Disease
Autoimmune Disease

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