How to take your Choose Health test

Transparent at-cost pricing

We will be selling our COVID-19 testing solution at-cost. Below is a breakdown of our expenses and where your money will be going.


These tests are conducted by a CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory. The testing process requires the use of reagents and disposable testing equipment including a sample collection device.

The cost for each test is $50.


In order to deliver you these tests to you we have had to invest in additional warehousing for shipment, and bring on new team members. These are  costs that we incur in order to ensure safe and accurate testing.

These costs are $35 per test.


All tests will be shipped next business day both to you and to our lab. This ensures you get fast results.

The cost of this testing ranges from $25 - $50. We are basing pricing at $35 and will absorb any additional cost.


One of our partner clinicians will order and interpret your test results. They will also be available to answer any additional questions you have.

The cost of each consult is $25.

Our cost to provide this testing service is $145.