The core markers of long-term health

Your internal health will play the largest role in your healthspan (the time in which you are thriving, without disease or chronic illness). These 6 markers present a comprehensive look at how your body is performing internally.
Your body knows what it needs
Your internal health holds the answers to understanding how your lifestyle is impacting your long term health.

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Why you should consider testing your levels
40% of americans are at risk for developing long-term chronic health issues.
85% of your lifespan is determined by your lifestyle.
Improving your markers will reduce your risk for long-term health issues.

At-home Sample Collection
Getting tested only takes 10 minutes and a painless prick of your finger. Finger prick testing has been around since the 1960s. Technology has advanced quite a bit since then. All that’s required is a few drops of blood to get an accurate and testable sample.
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Choose Health was built with world class doctors.
Physician Reviewed Results
Your results are reviewed by a qualified and trained physician in your state.
CLIA accredited laboratories
All tests are run at 3rd party, CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories.

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