The Internal Health Test
Learn how your diet, exercise and lifestyle are impacting the core markers of physical health with an at-home finger prick blood test.

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Each kit tests for the following markers

1. Full Cholesterol Profile
2. Insulin Sensitivity
3. Oxidative Stress
4. Avg Blood Sugar
5. Inflammation
6. Visceral Fat

Learn what your body needs to be healthy
Take the guesswork out of being healthy and learn what your body needs to live your longest, healthiest life.

Take the guesswork out of being healthy
Measure and track the core markers of long term health.
Read the science

What you will learn

How your drinking habits, sleep, exercise, and diet are impacting your internal health.

Which small changes are most likely to make the biggest impact on your long term health.

How effective your healthy new habits are in improving your internal health.

Make personalized and informed decisions about your health and wellness
Trusted and used by nutritionists, nurses and professional athletes

You’re in good hands

Dr. Alan Farrell, MD MSc BCh
Chief Medical Officer
Physician Reviewed Results
Your results are reviewed by a physician.
Developed by experts
Choose Health was built with world class doctors.
CLIA accredited laboratories
All tests are run at 3rd party, CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories.

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